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Confronting unforgiveness, fear, and the need for approval, I underwent a transformative journey to break free in 2020. 'Restricted No Longer' offers practical solutions and strategies for those facing similar challenges, providing tools to upgrade the soul and navigate everyday issues.

Restricted No Longer Anthology

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  • For too long, I was held back by unforgiveness, fear, and seeking approval from others. In 2020, I was forced to confront these limitations and level up. It wasn't easy—I had to confront truths and take steps to break free. If you've struggled with similar challenges, you're not alone. Recently, I underwent a transformative transition that revealed insights about my mind and emotions. I realized I needed to upgrade my soul. 'Restricted No Longer' offers solutions for those struggling in their mind, will, or emotions. It's not just another book—it provides practical tools and strategies to address everyday issues.

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