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For a long time I lived my life restricted by so many things unforgiveness, fear, and people approval. 

2020 forced me to level up and deal with the areas of my life where I walked bound.

It was not an easy task. It required me to look deep within myself, confront the truth, and take the necessary steps to break free. 

We all have been there, struggling just to make it through the moment even if we had to fake it. 

Recently, I went through a transition which revealed some things to me about my mind and emotions. 

I needed to upgrade my soul. 

Restricted No Longer is a must read if you are struggling in the area of your mind, will, or emotions. 

RNL was written to provide"Solutions for the Soul" 

It's not just another anthology, but Restricted No Longer provides practical tools and strategies to help you deal with issues we face everyday. 

Restricted No Longer Anthology