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ABOUT tonya

Meet Tonya Ratliff, a powerhouse in the realm of media and ministry. As the CEO of Overcomer Global Media LLC and an Apostle at Sozo Global Ministries alongside her husband, Overseer Allan Ratliff, she embodies resilience and determination. Tonya is not only the founder of B.R.D Publications but also a highly acclaimed author and publisher with over 12 Amazon Best Sellers under her belt. Beyond her literary accomplishments, she is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, a revered prophetic voice, and a trusted advisor to pastors.

Tonya's unwavering spirit is evident in all aspects of her life. Rooted in her Southern heritage and fueled by her roles as a wife and mother, she embraces the title of "overcomer" with grace and boldness. Having answered the call to be an Apostolic Prophet and conquered numerous challenges along the way, she now channels her experiences to empower others. Tonya's mission is to nurture Christian authors, mentor aspiring leaders, and equip individuals for ministry through her coaching and training programs.

Her remarkable journey has been chronicled in over 10 published manuscripts, serving as a testament to her faith and perseverance. In 2022, she expanded her reach by launching the Overcomer TV Show, further solidifying her status as a media mogul. Tonya Ratliff is undoubtedly an OVERCOMER, inspiring others to rise above adversity and fulfill their God-given potential.

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