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Every facet of our lives was uniquely crafted by the Master Builder in order to lay a foundation which would later become our platform for purpose. Purpose is who we were designed and fashioned to become by God before the foundations of the world. The pain we encounter as we endeavor to reach our place of purpose is often immersed with pain. Pain is the catalyst utilized to mold and make us into who we were destined to become. The late Myles Monroe once echoed these words in regards to purpose, “when we do not know the purpose of a thing often times we have the tendency to abuse it.” 
Growing up throughout life I often felt isolated, abandoned, and alone. I did not understand all the hardships, trials, and tribulations I endured from childhood until just recently. Every negative aspect of my life God has gracefully used to refine me into the Woman of Purpose you are reading about today. God can truly take the broken and fragmented pieces of your life and reconstruct them to cause you to live again.

My Purpose is Greater Than My Pain is a true detailed account of how I overcame the pain of my past to arrive at the apex of my purpose. Today I am walking into my ordained purpose Armed and Dangerous with my crown on my tresses, my pen in my right hand, and my microphone in the left hand. “I AM KINGDOM!”

My Purpose, My Pain