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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the required nutrients needed to maintain our body and mind. Beginning our day without breakfast can cause us to be void of the daily essential vitamins we need to be productive and alert. This same principle of beginning our day in the natural with breakfast also applies to how we should begin our day in the spirit. Coffee With My King Volume II is a daily devotional inspired by the times I spent daily in the presence of God. As I sought to seek God daily during my private time of prayer and meditation, he began to download me with Rhema words of inspiration. The revelation he spoke during these times ministered to the very essence of my spirit. Each devotional contained in Coffee with My King ministers to the total man (mind, body and soul) through the use of experiences we often encounter in our daily lives. It is my sincerest desire that Coffee With My King will become a daily part of your life and help you grow in the things of God. Once we begin to put things first, second things will increase! Enjoy your daily time with the King!

Coffee With My King- Vol. II

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